Smart Ways to Market A Service Business

For most people, marketing a service business might be a bit tricky than marketing a product-based business. With this in mind, service business owners would find themselves having a hard time figuring out what to do to establish a firm connection with potential customers.

In the video below, Marie Forleo, the owner of Marie Forleo International,
will gladly give you some really smart ways to market a service business.

Always think about the core of marketing.

Marketing a service business is not that different from marketing a product-based business. The core of marketing is understanding your customer"s frustrations and showing that you can be the solution. Once you know how to understand what your customers need, you can try to connect with them to create a good impression.


Be a part of the community.

You need to know your target audience and how you would be a part of their community. Do they hangout together online or offline? You can take part in conferences or host a meet-up. Also, you can host some online events such as a twitter chat to engage with your ideal customers.


Free content marketing.

You can start to publish articles or create short videos to react out to your customers. You can introduce your business and the service you"re offering thru creative content. Offer value consistently and when they finally ready to buy, you would be the first person that they would talk to.


Social proof.

Customers would feel more safe and secured to try a service if other people have good opinions about it. Try to gather testimonials from happy clients and case studies as proof that your business is the real deal.


The bottomline:

Marketing a service business is easy once you know how to relate to your customers and create a strong engagement in time.