Hiring Local Moving Companies Is One Of The Keys to a Successful Corporate Move

The decision to relocate a company office brings with it some variables that must be analyzed carefully so that the process is successful, obtaining additional benefits regarding operating cost reduction, optimization of spaces and a substantial improvement in culture, organizational climate and productivitythat affects your company"s marketing. Hiring a local moving company is essential after planning all the main points when decided to move your office.

How many square meters do you need?

A very common mistake that the executives make in charge of a corporate move is to estimate the amount of surface needed in the new office according to the square meters that the current one has. Calculations like: if we have 20% more employees, ergo we need 20% more space, they are usually a bad criterion to make the estimates.

It must be taken into account that each office floor has different yields according to its geometry, number of columns, modulation, installations and perimeter of the window, among other variables. In short, every square meter can be much more productive in one alternative than in another, without sacrificing comfort.

Any professional specialized in the subject can estimate, with the program of needs and according to the usual ratios, the theoretical footage of the new office to focus the real estate search. When you have a pre-selection of possible locations, it is highly advisable to perform a test in each one. You will be amazed at the differences.

Where to move?

The location of the new office is a very sensitive topic and often decided by criteria which is unclear or too subjective. It is effortless to make an evaluation incorporating the necessary criteria of the company when deciding the location. The most common variables are the location of the clients, the place of the housing of the employees, the location of the providers, services that the area has, transportation, etc. As for the building, it is important to weigh the number of parking lots, the security of the area and the image that will contribute to the company.

Who leads the process?

The decision to move a corporate office is defined at the highest hierarchical levels of an organization, but from the operational one usually, falls to some middle-level officer. Due to the expectations created by the changes in the company"s staff, this process is highly exposed and generates many pressures and conflicts of interest. Be sure to empower the project leader and validate an effective decision-making process.

How long does a corporate move require?

Another fundamental factor for a company involved in a move is to be able to anticipate with certainty the total time that the process will demand and the precise date of the move. The assertiveness in this data will allow to adequately plan the stages of the transfer, avoiding losses in productivity.

The logistics of the move have many variables to consider: date of completion of the work, transfers, connectivity, packaging, etc. It follows then that it would be very inconvenient and sometimes unviable, to be changing the day of the move. It is therefore fundamental to track the deadline for the company that is contracted to carry out this process, since fines on contracts, however high, do not ensure compliance with deadlines.

When planning the schedule, do not forget the times that usually require the signing of contracts for both location, work, and professional services. Hiring local moving companies are suggested to make a move easier and smoother.

Efficient communication

Like any significant change, moving an organization is a process of high impact and high sensitivity for the work team. The challenge is to achieve a successful transfer without adversely affecting the productivity of the company.

Moving in expert hands

Once the new office is designed and built, it is time to move. This instance is much more than the mere physical fact of carrying lumps from one place to another. It involves designing a plan in stages that will prevent the company from losing its operations, rigorously coordinating the storage of documentation, the transfer of equipment and the commissioning of servers and technical equipment.

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The Advantages Of Using SEO For Your Company"s Marketing Campaign

The benefits of SEO is an already known strategy and currently applied in the world of Online Marketing for their excellent results in Google searches.

You need to plan and execute a good strategy for your website’s SEO results and to have a better visualization place and better position in their rankings. This is done by contacting an SEO agency/experts. There are a lot of excellent SEO companies in Jacksonville, Florida that can assist you. One of the known SEO companies is First Element, Inc. You will know more about them at http://jacksonville.firstelementinc.com/seo-company/.


With the idea of SEO, more and new customers are being sought for. This leads to greater growth and increased sales of products which result to the success of the company.

Another benefit of SEO is that it works very well for freelancers who want to attract more visitors. Below are other benefits when SEO strategy is used in your company:

It Increases visibility among the competition

With a good SEO strategy, your company can be at par or at a higher level than its competitor.

It increases sales

To be more visible in the search rankings, there may be an increase in the sale of products or services of the company.

It develops more confidence to the customer

Users will feel more confident and at ease to navigate web pages that are in the first-page result in search engines.

It gives the possibility of appearing in different places

By relying on the SEO organic search strategy, companies are able to position themselves in any location they want.

It enhances brand recognition


To be more present in the search engines, you can give a high recognition on a business with a minimal investment.

It attracts more customers with useful and quality content

By using an SEO strategy, the content of the website should always be optimized, this is for both search engines and users. Make sure to create unique and compelling content that invites visitors to return to your website.

It is a dynamic process

You can always make the exchange of ideas in the strategy to reach other customers or for other marketing purposes for your company.

It lowers marketing costs

First, your company will not seek customers anymore but they will be the one to come to your company. With the right strategy proposed by your SEO strategist and being in good position in search indexes then you can have fewer expenses especially advertising online.

Keep in mind that search engine optimization can have some disadvantages but still worth investing in such strategies because the benefits are overwhelming and can provide your company the opportunity to become successful in the world of online marketing.

5 Reasons Why You Need SEO For Your Business


When you go online and search for something, which website to do you usually open immediately? The first website on the list? Or the one at the last? Initially, most people would go for the first website that pops up for it gives them a feeling of trust and confidence to choose it. This is where SEO can impact your business online.

We all heard about SEO and there you probably received a lot of offers and promotions about this marketing trick. However, nothing is really explained when it comes to why you need to invest your money and we all feel kind of skeptical in trying something alien. How can you benefit from SEO? What can it do to improve your online business?

What is SEO? Here are the basics about this innovative marketing strategy:

SEO plays an important role in some major businesses online and build more awareness when it comes to their branding. If you need more convincing, here are 5 pretty good reasons why you need to consider SEO in making your business grow online:

An Online Presence Is A Must. In our modern times, 80% use search engines such as Google to check related information about products and services. Because of this fact, most business have built an online presence by creating their own website and social accounts. In this sea of competitors from the same industry as you, it"s vital that your website needs to be found and necessary to be have high search rankings to shine. SEO can help you get the needed attention by improving your search rankings.

seo2An Affordable Strategy. Seo is considered to be a good investment for it gives satisfactory result by targeting specific audiences. An SEO strategy can be customized to fit your needs by the means of intensive research. You could opt for SumitSEO – Best Jacksonville Services to see for yourself.

Generates Traffic. For the fact that SEO involves research, it has specific targets and details. Keyword analysis can help understand the behavior of potential target markets and get a better understanding of their needs. If you"re able to make your website reputable and trustworthy, you would expect to have increased traffic.

Evolving continuously. SEO evolves as the society evolves. It can be highly adaptive in the changing needs of the market. The inconsistent algorithms are not a problem, too for an SEO strategy can be catered according to relevant factors that could affect its performance.

Marketing A Small Business on a Tight Budget


Marketing is not a piece of cake. It takes a huge amount of patience and persistence to eventually gain some satisfactory results. What makes it harder though is the fact of doing it on a tight budget. Without much money to do some extravagant marketing campaigns, you find yourself only with limited options.

Sometimes you might find yourself drowning in confusion with different people"s view of what you should  do. Different people have different views but you could try to listen to experts who actually experienced the scenarios that you"re currently experiencing.


Here"s a useful advice from Wall Street Journal best-selling author and internet personality, Gary Vaynerchuk who also started as a small business entrepreneur:

Work more

Try to add extra hours like an hour or two to whatever you"re doing. This is a great way for you to close your financial gap easily. You still need to consider getting enough sleep though for you to remain healthy. You may need to skip your tv marathons to be make more time for your marketing strategy.



Facebook posts, Google Ad words and banner re-targeting could really work if you do e-commerce. If you"re a local business who wants to create more awareness, you can utilize hyper-local platforms such as Foursquare or even your local radio station.

Another option would be to do Biz Dev, such as handing out fliers at your local barber shop or any local establishments around your area. You could do some trade and eventually strengthen your marketing network.


The Bottomline:

Well, based on Gary"s advice it is necessary to work extra hours to create an effective campaign if you"re on a tight budget. Remember, marketing doesn"t work overnight and you need to be patient with the process. At the end of the day, you would really get a satisfying sense of accomplishment once you have done it successfully.

“Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing." — Mike Volpe

Reasons To Hire Marketing Professionals In Tallahassee

When it comes to business nowadays, the marketplace is becoming more competitive than ever before. In order to remain as competitive as possible, business owners need to focus on implementing the right kind of strategies within their respective businesses. The best way to ensure competitiveness within an industry is by hiring a Tallahassee marketing professional. That way, you know that you are hiring someone that knows the local marketplace and someone that has the experience needed to assess and fix your marketing approach properly. Below, we will be going over some of the biggest reasons to hire a Tallahassee marketing professional.

Reasons To Hire a Professional Marketer:

1. Experience.

The biggest reason you will want to hire a professional to handle the job is that they have the required amount of experience needed to ensure that the marketing strategies get implemented the right way. Along with this, they know what works and what doesn"t. As a result, you are going to get someone that knows exactly what needs to be done and what should be omitted from your marketing strategy to achieve the best possible results.

2. Good Returns.

Hiring a professional marketer is only going to help increase your bottom line. Thus, it provides excellent returns on your investment rather than putting your money and resources elsewhere. The marketing of your business is generally what dictates your success. By hiring a professional that is capable of generating excellent results for your business, you are only going to be able to experience massive returns on your investment which proves to be a good investment. As long as you are hiring someone that is known to produce excellent results, it is a great investment to make.

3. Local Market Knowledge.

Another reason is that hiring a professional in the area is going to provide you with an incredible amount of local marketing knowledge that is needed to compete in the local market. Hiring a local marketer is going to prove to be a great investment because they know what is needed to stay competitive in the marketplace, they know who the competition is, and they know how to beat them.

Overall, there are a number of reasons to hire a professional marketer. Not only does hiring one allows you to focus on all of the other areas of your business that need to be focused on, but it is going to allow you to be able to get the best possible marketing expertise and implementation for your business. This alone is going to propel your business to new heights because having a professional marketing person running your marketing efforts are going to ensure that you are doing everything to move your business forward within the industry and marketplace. They know what works, what doesn"t, and what your business should be focusing on. Thus, you will increase efficiency and effectiveness with your marketing efforts which will, in turn, boost your bottom line.

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Building Reputation for Start-ups

Starting a business means starting from scratch. Building a reputation is really important especially in generating sales and increasing your fan base.

Just thinking about this scenario seems a bit hard to take but here are some very useful tips if you want to gain a strong familiarity as a start-up.


Improve your online image.

Try to set up and clean and professional website. You don"t need to have the best design in the world but try to make it functional and simple. Use a professional email address to show that you do your business seriously.


Highlight your experience.

Let people know about your experience and the best place to show it is on your About Page. By doing this, people will have a more positive opinion about your business and they would get an impression that you really know what you"re doing.


Communicate what you do clearly.

Try to say what your business is about clearly and confidently not only online but also, when you"re dealing with clients personally. Make sre to be confident in what you do because a hint of being unsure just turns away prospect clients.


Get client reviews.

You can offer your services for free to 3 or 6 clients in exchange for real client reviews. A little hustling will do the trick and everyone loves free service.


Get press. 

If your business is press-worthy you can try to pitch it in your local press. You can also try to collaborate with popular bloggers that cater to your desired target market. If you"re able to do this, you can then try to put a logo of the press on your page to impress people.


The bottomline:

Building a reputation is necessary in making a business a success. You need to be confident and driven to properly introduce your brand as a reliable product or service to your target audience.

Smart Ways to Market A Service Business

For most people, marketing a service business might be a bit tricky than marketing a product-based business. With this in mind, service business owners would find themselves having a hard time figuring out what to do to establish a firm connection with potential customers.

In the video below, Marie Forleo, the owner of Marie Forleo International,
will gladly give you some really smart ways to market a service business.

Always think about the core of marketing.

Marketing a service business is not that different from marketing a product-based business. The core of marketing is understanding your customer"s frustrations and showing that you can be the solution. Once you know how to understand what your customers need, you can try to connect with them to create a good impression.


Be a part of the community.

You need to know your target audience and how you would be a part of their community. Do they hangout together online or offline? You can take part in conferences or host a meet-up. Also, you can host some online events such as a twitter chat to engage with your ideal customers.


Free content marketing.

You can start to publish articles or create short videos to react out to your customers. You can introduce your business and the service you"re offering thru creative content. Offer value consistently and when they finally ready to buy, you would be the first person that they would talk to.


Social proof.

Customers would feel more safe and secured to try a service if other people have good opinions about it. Try to gather testimonials from happy clients and case studies as proof that your business is the real deal.


The bottomline:

Marketing a service business is easy once you know how to relate to your customers and create a strong engagement in time.